Julie Muncy

Julie Muncy

I'm a creative writer and critic.

I'm a creative writer, journalist, and critic with a specialization in new media, tech, and videogames. Contributor to Wired Game|Life. Trans lesbian, she/her. Based in Texas.

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Kill Screen Daily

Hatred is worth taking seriously - Kill Screen

Hatred and the virtues of transgressive, ugly art....

Kill Screen Daily

Undertale's not as peaceful as it pretends - Kill Screen

At once charming and incoherent....

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Kill Screen Daily

Vanishing Points - Kill Screen

The Jedi Exile and bare life in Knights of the Old Republic II...

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Kill Screen Daily

The beautiful, crowded hell of Malebolgia - Kill Screen

Imitation casts a long shadow....

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Kill Screen Daily

Metro 2033 and the poetics of urban agoraphobia - Kill Screen

The terror outside....